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Non Dairy Probiotics

Looking for Non Dairy Probiotics? There Might Be a Better Option

People who want to keep their digestive system healthy may be looking at probiotics for some help, although some may be particularly looking for non dairy probiotics. Those who have allergic reactions to dairy products are the most likely to belong to the latter.

Probiotic supplements

Probiotics, or live microorganisms, are used to top up the level of good bacteria already present in our stomach. The good bacteria are necessary to prevent bad bacteria from thriving in our digestive system and wrecking havoc on our health. Bad bacteria cause most of the digestive disorders we sometimes experience, including diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Some of these disorders can even lead to more serious problems that may require serious medications and even operations.

Although probiotics have been proven to be helpful to our digestive system, they do have some limitations. One is their questionable ability to survive exposure to stomach acid and their tendency to lose their efficacy and end up getting destroyed by manufacturing processes. Because of this limitation, some experts have claimed that prebiotics may be a better option.

Prebiotics profile

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that can be found in certain plant species like artichoke, asparagus and leeks. Their primary function is to feed the good bacteria in the gut and stimulate their growth and activities. As we all know, the healthier the good bacteria in our digestive tract are, the better they will be able to perform their roles.

Prebiotics also induce metabolic activity and are helpful in strengthening the immune system of the body. They are highly effective in protecting the gut from disease-causing bacteria and are instrumental in maintaining balance in our gut. Aside from being found in plant species, they are also used as ingredients in food products like cereals and bread and are also available as nutritional supplements.

The search for non-dairy probiotics
The reason why there are some people who are looking for non-dairy probiotic supplements is because they are most likely to have an allergic reaction to dairy products, but at the same time, would also like to continue developing the health of their digestive system. There are a number of probiotic products out there that are suitable to people with dairy allergies.

However, it may be better if they opt for a non-dairy prebiotic supplement instead since prebiotics can provide more benefits than probiotics, given that their original state remains unaltered even after being exposed to stomach acid or even after undergoing manufacturing processes.

What to try

One prebiotic supplement that is considered highly effective and safe to most consumers is Kiwi-Klenz. It is made from kiwi fruit and has the proper amounts of phenolics, prebiotics, enzymes and soluble fibers that are all needed to keep the gut healthy. It is safe for children and adults and also to people with negative reactions to dairy products. However, if you are one of those who have allergic reactions to dairy or to any other type of food or ingredient, consulting a doctor first before taking any supplement is still the first step you should take.

Non dairy probiotics are available commercially, but if you want optimum benefits, a prebiotic supplement made from kiwi may be a better option.