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Kiwi Fruit Benefits High Blood Pressure

Kiwi Fruit Benefits: High Blood Pressure Issue

Among the many kiwi fruit benefits, high blood pressure management may be one of the more significant. Studies have shown that this powerful fruit can help lower blood pressure and thereby protect the body from heart diseases and other problems that may be caused by high blood pressure.

Better than apple?

A study funded by the Norway-based Oslo University Hospital reported on an experiment involving participants who have mild high blood pressure. One group was given three kiwis a day for eight weeks, while the other had an apple each day over the same period. After eight weeks, those in the kiwi group were found to have systolic blood pressure levels that are about 3.6 millimeters lower than those who belong to the apple group.

The authors of the study have cautioned that there is no single food material that can completely manage blood pressure levels, but it is evident from the study’s results that kiwifruit has promise and eating it daily will be beneficial to your heart.

Why kiwis are great

The antioxidant content of kiwi, particularly lutein, is what is behind its ability to manage blood pressure levels. According to the authors of the study, lutein is most likely responsible for lowering the blood pressure of the participants in the experiment, although they are not recommending making a habit of eating three kiwifruits a day since this will be beyond moderation and as with every type of food, moderation is the key.

Aside from the antioxidants, kiwis also contain various vitamins and minerals that can benefit not just the heart, but the whole body as well. Kiwis are known for their prebiotic content which is beneficial to the digestive system. Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that feed the good bacteria that are naturally found in our gut. The good bacteria are the guardians of the digestive system and they keep the bad or unfriendly bacteria at bay, thereby lowering a person’s risk of developing digestive problems.

What’s not to like about kiwi?

With all the health benefits that kiwi can provide, why is it that not a lot of people are eating kiwi? First, the fruit it not readily available everywhere. Second, some people do not like eating kiwi. Third, most of us just cannot be bothered with storing and peeling kiwis to get our doses of prebiotics and helpful antioxidants.

What if you want to get all the health benefits that this fruit has to offer, but do not want to eat the raw fruit? Well, there is still a way. You can take Kiwi-Klenz, a prebiotic, kiwi-based nutritional supplement that is particularly formulated to keep your gut well-balanced. And this is not the only thing it can do.

Because it is made from kiwi, all the benefits that this fruit can provide are also found in Kiwi-Klenz. This is because the supplement, unlike other prebiotic products, was manufactured with the skin and the seeds of the fruit included in the procedure. Most of the nutrients of kiwi are found in its seeds and skin and although you cannot eat them raw, you can still get the benefits by taking Kiwi-Klenz.

There are a lot of kiwi fruit benefits; high blood pressure management is one of them. You can either eat the fruit raw to gain these benefits or take the more convenient way of taking Kiwi-Klenz prebiotic supplement.