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Probiotics for Constipation

How Effective Are Probiotics for Constipation? The use of probiotics for constipation has been around for years now. However, there have been recent research studies asserting that the addition of prebiotics will make the treatment even more effective compared with using probiotics alone. How exactly can probiotics benefit people suffering from constipation? And how are […] Read more

Prebiotics in Breast Milk

Prebiotics in Breast Milk: Natural Nutrition for Babies Everyone knows that human milk is a cornucopia of nutrients that are essential for infant health and growth. However, it is pobably not as widely known that prebiotics in breast milk is one of the things that make it such a complete food for babies.  This report […] Read more

Prebiotics and Weight Loss

Prebiotics and Weight Loss: Can These Ingredients Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight? Prebiotics and weight loss: is there a connection? Some studies are claiming that the answer is yes. Aside from keeping your gut healthy, prebiotics are believed to be also effective in keeping off unwanted body weight. This is good news for those […] Read more

How Do Prebiotics Work

How Do Prebiotics Work? Understanding their Mechanisms and Functions It may be of benefit to you to find an answer to the question: how do prebiotics work? Keeping our digestive system healthy is necessary for us to maintain overall physical health and understanding prebiotics is one critical factor that can help us achieve this. Read […] Read more

Compare Probiotics for Children

How to Compare Probiotics for Children: Determining What’s Best for Your Kids When you compare probiotics for children, you need to take into consideration not just the products’ level of effectiveness, but also their safety. Children are more likely to react negatively to drugs, nutritional supplements, food and other ingestible materials, particularly when it is […] Read more

Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics

What Is the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics? You might be one of those wondering: what is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Well, quite a lot, actually. However, they also have similarities, particularly when it comes to the benefits they provide our bodies. To better understand what these concepts are, read on. What they […] Read more

Sources of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Natural Sources of Probiotics and Prebiotics Are there natural sources of probiotics and prebiotics? Actually, there are a lot of natural sources for prebiotics, but there are none for probiotics since the latter are not naturally-occurring ingredients but are actually created or manufactured. There are still ways though, by which you can get your proper […] Read more

Prebiotics Benefit the Human Body

How Do Prebiotics Benefit the Human Body? You might be wondering: how do prebiotics benefit the human body? The answer to this question are multiple and multi-pronged. With this report, we will try to add to your knowledge on what is good for your digestive system and your overall health. Prebiotics defined Prebiotics are food […] Read more

Foods That Contain Prebiotics

Foods That Contain Prebiotics: Getting Your Dose of Dietary Fiber There are various foods that contain prebiotics that you can eat to get the right dose of these beneficial food ingredients. They are naturally present in a number of plant species, although they are also available in some food products and as digestive nutritional supplements. […] Read more

Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics

Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics: The One-Two Punch for Your Digestive System There have been numerous studies on the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics on our digestive health. Both of these concepts are good for the gut, there is no denying that. To help you understand what each can do to our digestive tract and […] Read more

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