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Probiotics for Women

Probiotics for Women: What They Can Really Do

probiotics for womenThere are a lot of food products and supplements that contain probiotics for women. These products are supposed to provide health benefits that are specifically required by every female. In here, we will take a look at what these benefits are and what other elements, aside from probiotics; can help keep women in tip-top condition.

Functions of probiotics

These are microorganisms that offer health benefits to the host and are most commonly found in fermented foods. Probiotics are reportedly good for the digestive system, in that they can promote digestive health and thereby also strengthen the body’s defenses against certain illnesses.

Probiotics are better known for their potential to treat gastroenteritis and have also been touted as effective in lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Although not much evidence have been gathered on the level of efficacy that probiotics have when it comes to addressing these digestive-related conditions, there is no denying that probiotics do have health benefits.

Common digestive problems encountered by women

Women, like everyone else, suffer from digestive problems at one time or another. They are also more prone to urinary tract infections and other conditions that are the results of an imbalanced gastrointestinal tract. Some of the symptoms commonly experienced by women with imbalanced digestive systems are bloating, flatulence, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, yeast infections, skin problems and headaches, just to name a few.

Imbalanced intestinal flora and an unhealthy digestive system often lead to more serious conditions when the problems are not addressed at the onset. Women, in particular, suffer from digestion-related illnesses, owing mainly to imbalanced intestinal flora.

Addressing the problems

The use of probiotics for women has been widely suggested to solve digestive problems and to manage their symptoms. The good bacteria provided by probiotics are believed to be significant aids to maintaining the balance in the digestive system of women. However, although probiotics definitely offer some benefits when it comes to maintaining a balanced intestinal flora, there are still other ways to help women avoid illnesses associated with digestion imbalance.

One option that is gaining support among health experts is prebiotics. These are dietary fibers that can be found in certain plant foods, like kiwi fruit, garlic, onion, leeks and asparagus. They differ from probiotics in that they are non-digestible food ingredients that manage to end up in the intestines in their unaltered form.

Prebiotics are considered better at providing balance to the gut, mainly because unlike probiotics, manufacturing processes do not affect their original structure and their efficacy is not compromised by treatment or processing. These food ingredients have the power to stimulate the growth and activity of the good bacteria that are naturally present in the stomach. They also induce metabolic activity, which benefits the whole body.

What prebiotics can do

Prebiotics, being forms of dietary fiber, are good for the stomach since good bacteria thrive on fiber. If the body has the right amount of fiber, the naturally-occurring good bacteria in the gut will be able to do their work. This work entails preventing bad bacteria from taking over, which when it happens, can weaken the digestive system and the immune system and are thereby harmful to the overall health of a human body.

Experts on women’s health recommend prebiotics particularly to women who suffer from yeast infections. Those that contain the inulin type of prebiotics are especially favored, since they are believed to have less sugar content and are therefore safe to women prone to yeast infections.

Although prebiotics are in themselves believed to be highly effective in addressing digestive problems in women, experts still emphasize the importance of having a healthy daily diet and leading a healthy lifestyle to further strengthen the body’s defenses against diseases.

Efficient way of getting prebiotics

Aside from taking plant products that are good sources of prebiotics, taking supplements with prebioticsis also a logical option. After all, most women in this century lead busy lives and cannot be bothered with planning their meals or making a list of which foods are rich in prebiotics or probiotics. Nutritional supplements, like Kiwi-Klenz from Xtend-Life, which is my personal favorite, are good options for women who are seeking a product rich in prebiotics. Those that are made from all-natural ingredients are also preferable.

Probiotics for women are definitely helpful in maintaining a balanced digestive tract, but they are often not enough and when it comes to finding a real solution, prebiotics may be the answer that women have been looking for.